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Wind energy in South Africa

For further information about wind energy in South Africa, visit ( SAWEA (South African Wind Energy Association) is the leading trade and professional body representing the wind industry in South Africa. The primary purpose of the organisation is to promote the sustainable use of wind energy in South Africa acting as a central point of contact for information for its members, and as a group promoting wind energy to government, industry, the media and the public. Members comprise national and international developers, manufacturers, and stakeholders working in the industry, and the body aggregates a substantial amount of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas.


South African policy

  • The Energy White Paper of 1998 adopted the policy that South Africa needs to diversify its generation supply options.
  • The White Paper on Renewable Energy of 2003 set the target for the country to achieve 10,000GWh of renewable energy by 2013 or 4% of current generation capacity.
  • The South African Integrated Resources Plan 2010 (IRP2010) outlines the proposed power generation mix for South Africa for 2010 to 2030. The IRP2010 seeks to increase the overall contribution of new renewable energy generation to 17,800MW by 2030 (42% of new-build generation).
  • In order to enable independent power producers to supply electricity into the grid, the Independent System and Market Operator (ISMO) legislation has been developed and has been taken through the legislative process of government.
  • The South African Department of Energy (DoE) ( Vision 2014 is of a transformed and sustainable energy sector with universal access to modern energy carriers for all by 2014, while the aim of Vision 2025 is to improve the energy mix by including 30% clean energy by 2025.